Saturday, February 7, 2015

Cast Off Books and Greek Chicken...

Curious about the best way to begin a Saturday?  A book sale, obviously!  The local alternative high school was hosting a used book sale today, and as a small-scale bibliophile, I couldn’t resist.  Fortunately Hubby enjoys going on a hunt for buried book treasure nearly as much as I do.  With a book sale waiting for us, we were both out of bed several hours earlier than normal.  After all, any bargain hunter knows the cardinal rule of bargain hunting — hunt early!  You know, the Early Bird and the worm and all that jazz.
The first thing I noticed about the book sale was that the building was much smaller than I realized.  Neither of us having gone to high school there, or in Columbus at all, we had never been inside the building.  My interest in the size of the room lasted only long enough to walk to the first table of books.  I proceeded to work my way in a slow progression around the room, up and down the aisles, taking care not to miss something that could be a vitally important addition to our book collection.  
I ended up grateful I had brought in a bag to carry the books in, and very happy with my purchases.  Few things give me more happiness than a stack of books.  And I did come out with quite a stack.  Two stacks, in fact.

Once we finished prowling the books, we headed to the library.  Yes, I clearly needed more things to read.  I picked up a few French cookbooks I had requested, since French food seems to be a new love of mine.  I brought the books home and looked through a couple of them, and found very little.  I did, however, find my appetite.  Not that it’s ever missing for long, but there it was, nonetheless.
Since today is Hubby’s day off, he was my kitchen assistant.  One of the best parts of his time off is spending time cooking food together.  I’m more inclined to tackle a more difficult recipe if I will have him helping me with it.  Despite my recent fascination with French food, today was Greek chicken with spinach and mashed potatoes.

It was a recipe we had never tried, and it turned out to be really delicious.  But it’s basically chicken, stuffed with Feta cheese.  How could it NOT be good?  This was my first time making a stuffed meat, and I’m happy to say it worked like a charm.  If anyone is curious about the recipe, here it is…
I am currently nursing an injury to my Achilles Tendon, so we are spending the rest of the evening relaxing at home.  It seems the best treatment for Achilles Tendonitis is to stay off my feet and give it time to recover.  Today would have been a perfect day for taking a walk, a strangely mild day in early February, but it was not to be.  The bright side, though, is that I have a perfect excuse to relax on the couch with a book all evening, guilt free.  I shall never complain about that!
And now, my book is calling… Adieu, all!

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