Monday, February 23, 2015

Nothing Combats Bone Numbing Cold Like Stew!

Since the temperature in Columbus when I checked at 1 pm was a balmy 9 degrees, I was both sad I had to leave the apartment, and very happy about our plans for dinner.  I informed Hubby that we hadn't even made it to the double digits so he could share in the thrill about having to go outside, and indeed he did.  We sucked it up though, and got up and got dressed... and dressed some more... and maybe one more layer.  Voila!  Ready to leave the house.

Apparently everyone else in northeastern Columbus also needed to go to Meijer today.  That place was hopping.  Because I exude class... I drink generic brand Diet Mt Dew from Meijer.  I actually prefer it to real Diet Mt Dew, it has sharper carbonation.  Now real Diet Mt Dew tastes half flat to me.  Anyway, we had to go get another case of fake-Diet-Dew from Meijer, and picked up a couple other things while we were there.  Since half the population of the city was in there, we had to park a mile from the entrance.  Normally that doesn't bother me, and I rarely do any kind of patrolling to find a closer spot.  However, when it's 9 degrees with a well-below-zero windchill, being able to park a foot closer would have been a victory.  We survived, though.  Fortunately our last 2 errands only involved me pulling up to a curb while Hubby ran in and grabbed food for Ginger, then pulling up to a curb again to drop off a book at the library.

We got home after that, and I think I fell into a black hole.  I'm trying to figure out how I spent my afternoon and I honestly don't know.  I guess I just sat and wasted time on the internet for an extended period.  I know I certainly didn't do anything productive, like clean the kitchen.  At some point I suppose I emerged from the black hole and discovered I was hungry.  Which was fine, because dinner tonight was Chicken Marsala Stew, and I couldn't wait to make it and eat it.  I left the onions out of the recipe because I don't care for onions and Hubby can't stand them.  I decided it needed something more, though, so I cut some baby carrots into small pieces, nuked them in the microwave to partly cook them, then finished cooking them with the mushrooms for the stew.  I know it seems like I say this nearly every time I make a recipe, and maybe Hubby and I are just easy to please, but this was REALLY good!

On top of being really good, it was really easy to make and didn't require anything expensive or complicated.  {Unless you live somewhere you can't find Marsala.  A good friend had planned to make this recipe with me, but was unable to find Marsala.}  The only thing I would change about this recipe is the quantity.  Next time I'm making a double batch, cause this would be some killer leftovers!

Also, along the lines of recipes, I came up with a tasty drink last night.  I basically made a smoothie with vodka in it.  I processed up some frozen berries, nonfat milk, Splenda and vodka and called it a frozen drink.  It was delicious.  I was craving a frozen drink because it was Margarita Day, but had zero interest in going somewhere to get a margarita, or get the things to make it.  So I made a frozen berry something-or-other with vodka, and it was delicious!  {Just in case anyone is feeling they need a frozen drink and, like me, have pretty much nothing in the house with which to make one!}

Now it is time to cram like a college student.  Tomorrow morning is the book club meeting at the Westerville library, and though I haven't decided for sure if I'm going, I am at least going to finish the book.  Got about 30% of it left to read, so time to get my nose in my tablet and get to it.  Hope everyone is keeping warm!

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