Sunday, February 15, 2015


This meme, stolen from a share of a share of a share on Facebook (I don't know who to actually credit for the photo!)... well, it pretty much sums up life in Columbus right now.  I have a dear friend that lives in North Dakota, and I know that, for her, our current weather is nothing special.  But for me, living in Columbus, and being from the South... temps not getting out of the single digits are noteworthy, in the worst possible way.  Toss in a windchill in the double digits below zero, and it makes for a miserable, stay-inside-under-a-blanket day.  Which is mostly what I've done.

I did venture out briefly, to the Verizon store of necessity, and to get something to eat, because I didn't have anything planned for lunch.  I am ever so thankful for my trusty little Kia.  The heat in the little guy works like a champ and my teeth stopped chattering within minutes.  In weather like this, that's something to be grateful for.  Also, a shout out to ODOT, and all the city/suburb road maintenance crews.  The main roads were, for the most part, in excellent condition.

I have one ace up my sleeve that makes the cold weather more bearable.

Back in the fall, Hubby and I were driving from Huntington, WV, back up to Columbus.  We got side tracked by a thrift store along the way, and I found this little fellow in there.  I snatched him right up.  How bad can a day be if you have a monster on your head, I ask you!  Yes, I am 34 years old and wear a winter hat that looks like a monster.  It makes me smile every time I put it on, and gauging from the number of compliments I get on it, it makes other people smile as well.  After having gone through a few of these bitter cold snaps wearing a monster, I can say, for sure, bitter temperatures suck less with a creature on your head.

Eventually Hubby and I decided to make some food.  We were watching some cooking show, and the woman made a short-cut quiche by pouring croutons in it.  Quiche was actually our plan for dinner today, but we were both feeling lazy.  So, some eggs, some half and half, some herbs, some cheese and some croutons... into the oven... and voila, we ended up with eggs with croutons.  It didn't fool us into thinking we were eating quiche, even short-cut quiche, but it was pretty tasty.  Didn't cure my craving for actual quiche, though.

Now I'm off to spend what remains of my evening curled up under a nice warm quilt with my nose in a book.  Stay cozy, folks!

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