Wednesday, February 11, 2015

To Sleep Or To Write?

I'm normally tucked in bed and hoping for sleep by now, or at least laying on the futon gazing adoringly at Hubby and chatting with him, as a way of winding down before being tucked in bed and hoping for sleep.  Tonight, though, I don't seem to be sleepy at all.  My mind is restless and wandering.  If it would wander somewhere useful, that would be a boon, but really I'm just thinking about wishing I had inspiration for a blog post.  Wishing for inspiration and having inspiration are miles apart, I fear.

Nevertheless, if I'm writing, I'm keeping my mind under control.  It's focused on something innocuous and not flitting off in a dozen directions, and finding two dozen things to be anxious about.  Sometimes I wonder if I have Night Time ADD.  My thoughts seem to move around in a fairly orderly fashion during the day, but the later it gets, the more restless my mind becomes.  I both need and hate therapy, and let the hate win over the need.  If I ever get around to letting the need win over the hate, I'll ask if Night Time ADD is a thing.  (I doubt it.)

Let's see... matters of interest.  How about books!  Books are always interesting!  I finished one last night, A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews.  This was a randomly selected book from the library's table of Blind Date books.  I would give it 6 stars if Goodreads would let me.  It was an excellent book!  The writing was witty, clever and engaging.  I've noticed as I read more and varied things, the writing tends to be what hooks me.  There are plot themes I enjoy, admittedly, but I will appreciate a well written book on nearly any subject.  When I unwrapped A Complicated Kindness and read the synopsis, I thought it sounded good.  In fact, I thought it sounded really good, and felt I had gotten pretty lucky in the Blind Date Book lottery.  In the end, though, it surpassed my expectations and was better than I had any right to hope for.  Though I had not heard of Miriam Toews prior to this, I will definitely be reading anything else of hers I can get my hands on.

Since I had such fabulous luck with the Blind Date Book... and because I like unwrapping shiny packages... I couldn't resist picking up a second one when I dropped off my review card of the first one.

It was just too enticing to leave behind!  Once again, like a little kid, I had to tear it open as soon as I got to the car with it. I found The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles by Ken Kuhlken.  It's a mystery, and while I don't dislike mysteries, they're also not generally the first thing I reach for.  The synopsis makes it sound like noir mystery, though, and that's more intriguing.  

There are a couple books in line ahead of it, though.  Tonight I started Alice's Tulips by Sandra Dallas.  It's on loan to me from a good friend, along with her recommendation.  I've read a few books she has suggested previously, and I've loved all of them.  So far this one is interesting.  It's historical fiction, although not really the kind I'm used to.  I managed to lose about 2 hours of time reading it, which I suppose says it's engaging!

And lastly, BBQ 3001. This is one of the jars of spices I bought at Penzeys the other day, and I decided to give it a whirl.  I wasn't sure entirely what I wanted to do with it, but was quite positive I didn't want to do anything that required too much effort.  That's just how it goes some days.  Some days I don't mind putting a little work into a meal, and other days I want it quick and easy.  I finally decided to open up a can of chicken broth, pour it into a pan, dump some of the BBQ 3001 in, and use it to poach some chicken breast.  Result?  Awesome!  The BBQ 3001 has a great taste and did a nice job of flavoring the chicken.  Now let's hope I have equally good luck with the other blends I bought.

I guess this Sleep playlist on Spotify is doing it's job, since I'm suddenly tired and ready for bed.  Sweet dreams, folks!

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